From your requirements to a physical

With a dedicated team of over 50 multidisciplinary engineers and technicians, we are committed to fulfilling your needs while adhering to the highest medical device regulatory standards, including ISO-13485 compliance.


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Advanced Design Solutions

Our design team specializes in advanced acoustic and electrical modelization using proprietary analytical models such as Matlab and finite elements solutions. From custom prototyping to performance optimization, we leave no stone unturned.

Our expertise extends to thermal management and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) considerations, ensuring your product meets the most stringent standards.

Advanced Design Solutions

Acoustic Design

We have a team of experts highly-skilled in transducer design, leveraging extensive knowledge in acoustic dynamics and piezocomposite materials.

We are adept at assembling and fine-tuning components within the transducer acoustic stack, aiming to meet our clients’ performance and requirement specifications.

Our expertise encompasses transducer modeling, acoustic prototyping, and thorough characterizations, ensuring each design is optimized for a variety of ultrasound applications, from industrial to diagnostic and therapeutic uses.

Committed to excellence, our process from design to validation embodies our dedication to providing efficient, reliable acoustic solutions.

Mechanical Design

Driven by end-user focus, usability and ergonomic principles, our mechanical engineers have in house advanced prototyping capabilities (from 3D printing to injection molding).

We have the capability to help you for designing innovative mechanical concepts for actuated probes (Wobblers, multi DoF actuated endoscopes, intra operative, robotic arm compatible).


  • – 3D conception tools 3D CAD software
  • – 3D printing SLM, FDM & multi jet Biocompatible resin
  • – 3D prototyping capabilities advanced CNC machining supported by a large portfolio of ISO-13485 certified subcontractors.
Mechanical Design
Electronic Design

Electronic Design

Our electronic design team boasts full proficiency in managing advanced interconnection solutions, from the acoustic stack to customer connectors. With expertise in high-density interconnect and low-profile solutions, we ensure seamless integration and miniaturization without compromising on impedance matching or EMC shielding.

Our electronic department can enhance your transducer products with a range of electronic functionalities. This includes motor driving solutions, multiplexing (Biplane & cable count reduction), temperature monitoring, 9-axis accelerometer for spatial positioning, and custom AFE configurations (64-128Tx/64Rx).

All these features are provided with drivers and testing solutions.