Vermon SA : Key Leader in Ultrasound Technology

Established in 1984 in France, Vermon SA has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of ultrasound transducer technologies, consistently setting new benchmarks for the industry as a foundational pillar of the Vermon Group, Vermon SA has been instrumental in our evolution, empowering us to serve our worldwide clients.

Our Expertise

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Our Global Probes Portfolio

Dive into our diverse portfolio of probes, specially crafted for premium, high-end, mid-range and Point of Care segments across cardio-vascular, Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery., applications needs.

Our commitment to comprehensive solutions is showcased in our custom design and application-specific offerings, ensuring the perfect probe solution for optimal performance in any application.

Excellence in Innovative Transducer Ultrasound Technology

Excellence in innovation defines our approach to transducer ultrasound technology.

Our transducer technologies, including Piezocomposite, Single Crystal, and CMUT, provide state-of-the-art image quality across a broad spectrum of transducers designed to meet our clients’ applicative needs.

Cutting-Edge Engineering

Investing in innovation and excellence is a core principle at Vermon SA. We allocate 16% of our revenue to Research and Development (R&D), with a dedicated team of over 80 engineers and technicians working across our Advanced Research, R&D, and Industrialization departments.

Cutting-Edge Engineering
Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

At Vermon, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and processes. Our ISO 13485 certification reflects our dedication to ensuring the safety, reliability, and effectiveness of our products.

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Advanced Facilities

Our production sites span 7,000 square meters, and our team operates across eight assembly lines to meet the expectations of the most demanding projects. These facilities enable us to produce a wide range of products with unparalleled precision.

Advanced Facilities

Spirit of innovation

Innovation is at the core of Vermon SA. Our pioneering spirit drives us to constantly explore new possibilities, develop groundbreaking technologies, and set new standards.

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