Our Transducer Technologies

At Vermon, we are innovating with paradigm shifting technologies to enable our clients to shape their future and products, faster, better and cost-effectively.

Our main transducer technologies include Piezocomposite, Single crystal, CMUT, and, In-probes electronics, each offering unique benefits to fit diverse application needs.


Vermon’s pioneering material technologies, including 1 phase Piezocomposite and 1 phase polymer, are engineered for maximum performance and design flexibility.

The unique properties of Piezocomposite technology establish it as an efficient and versatile material, capable of delivering a broad frequency range that meets the stringent demands of diverse medical imaging applications.

This cost-effective technology enables design versatility, making it ideally suited for mass production.

Customization is a key strength of our Piezocomposite materials.

At Vermon, we offer a wide range of customization options, from various shapes to intricate geometries, ensuring that each solution is perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.

Single Crystal (SiX)

Single-Crystal (SiX) is a high-end piezoelectric material developed to push the limits of ultrasound imaging quality in cardiology and radiology even further.

Compared to Piezocomposite, Single-Crystal is more efficient and capable of delivering a wider frequency range, performing like two best-in-class broadband transducers with just one, for exceptional performance.

The extended bandwidth not only results in a higher piezoelectric response, but it also enhances sensitivity, enabling high-resolution imaging that boosts clinical confidence.

To achieve accurate diagnosis, even for challenging-to-image patients, SiX technology with enhanced SNR proves to be an ideal tool, offering impressive deep penetration and clear, homogeneous imaging from the near to the far field.

MEMS (Micromachined Electromechanical systems)

MEMS-based ultrasound transducers harness advanced microfabrication techniques to create thousands of tiny vibrating membranes on silicon wafers. These transducers are activated either through capacitive (CMUT) or piezoelectric (PMUT) effects.

Benefiting from the scalability of the semiconductor industry, their design can be replicated multiple times on 200 mm (8-inch) wafers, facilitating substantial economies of scale—larger production volumes lead to lower costs per unit.

MEMS technology offers exceptional design flexibility on silicon surfaces, allowing for configurations ranging from single-element transducers to fully-populated 2D matrices, providing vast potential for innovation and application customization.

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In-probe Electronics

Vermon electronic design capabilities offer products new functionalities to increase performances and complexity at limited system cost.

The in-probe electronic hardware encompasses signal amplifiers; motor controllers for transducer driving; and array multiplexing electronics, making channel count reduction possible.

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