OEM USB Probe 8.5MHz - 128 elts

SKU : LA 8.5/128-DKPOC

  • Center Frequency

    Center Frequency (MHz) : 8.5

  • Number elements

    Number of elements : 128

  • Pitch

    Pitch (mm) : 0.3

  • Radius curvature

    Radius of curvature (mm) : N/A

  • Transverse aperture

    Transverse aperture H (mm) : 4

  • Focal Depth

    Focal Depth (mm) : 20

This 8.5 MHz linear array Point Of Care Development Kit. Its piezocomposite technology is perfectly suited for mobile systems providing high performance image quality with good contrast and resolution at shallow and medium depth.

Hardware electronics
– 128Tx/64Rx
– USB C 3.0 , cable 1.5m long
– 1800mAh Battery operated (Not included if the connect box is required)
– FPGA based Delay & Sum Beamforming
– Memory DDR3 – 128Mo
– Three-level pulser,
– ADCs Converting at 12-Bit, max 40 MSPS
– LVDS Interface With a Speed Up to 1 Gbps
– Documentation available

Software development kit (SDK access package)
– B-mode, Harmonic mode sequences
– Additional beamforming features
– Display and control UI
– Windows 10 based API system

Connect box
– USB cable associated with additional synchronization and power lines
– Derivation mechanical box with the two output (Synchronization, power) through connectors and the USB cable (20cm additional length)
– The connect box allow to power DKPOC (without any internal battery) and to get a hardware trig-in OR trig-out signal.


  • Superficial



  • Piezocomposite

Available in

  • Probe

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OEM USB Probe - 8.5MHz - 128 elts
OEM USB Probe - 8.5MHz - 128 elts
OEM USB Probe - 8.5MHz - 128 elts
OEM USB Probe – 8.5MHz – 128 elts
Vermon Row Column Array (5)
Vermon Row Column Array (6)

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