Row Column Array - 15.0MHz - 160 elts

SKU : RCA 15.0/160

  • Center Frequency

    Center Frequency (MHz) : 15.0

  • Number elements

    Number of elements : 80+80

  • Pitch

    Pitch (mm) : 0.11

  • Radius curvature

    Radius of curvature (mm) : N/A

  • Transverse aperture

    Transverse aperture H (mm) : 8.8x8.8

  • Focal Depth

    Focal Depth (mm) : N/A

This 15.0 MHz row-column array (RCA) probe is dedicated for Research and Preclinical imaging for research projects. New matrix array type enabling the acquisition of 3D real-time volumetric data with a reduced number of elements without a prohibitive number of connections. Its piezocomposite technology and number of elements is perfectly suited for Research systems providing good performance image quality with good contrast and volumetric resolution at medium and broad depth.


  • Research


  • Research


  • Piezocomposite

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Row-Column Array - 15.0MHz - 160 elts
Row-Column Array – 15.0MHz – 160 elts

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