Linear Array 3D Wobble 8.5MHz - 128 elts

SKU : LA 8.5/128-4D

  • Center Frequency

    Center Frequency (MHz) : 8.5

  • Number elements

    Number of elements : 128

  • Pitch

    Pitch (mm) : 0.3

  • Radius curvature

    Radius of curvature (mm) : N/A

  • Transverse aperture

    Transverse aperture H (mm) : 5

  • Focal Depth

    Focal Depth (mm) : 24

This lightweight 8.5 MHz linear array 3D Wobble probe is dedicated for Radiology imaging. Equipped with efficient motorization (DC or stepper motors), this probe enables fast 3D-volume acquisition. It utilizes a linear array, sweeping with a 29° angle, providing an ideal solution for breast volumetric scanning. Its piezocomposite technology is perfectly suited for mid-range, specialized and POC systems providing proven high performance image quality with good contrast and resolution at shallow and medium depth.


  • Superficial


  • Radiology


  • Breast



  • Piezocomposite

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  • Probe

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Linear Array 3D Wobble - 8.5MHz - 128 elts
Linear Array 3D Wobble - 8.5MHz - 128 elts
Linear Array 3D Wobble – 8.5MHz – 128 elts
Vermon Linear Array 3D Wobble Zoom

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